Phase change

VIVI Cap1 works passively, based on the combination of unique materials from space research that isolate heat and at the same time act as a heat absorber. A so-called Phase change material responds as soon as the ambient temperature rises to more than 29 °C. The material then slowly changes its aggregate state from solid to liquid. During this time the cooling cap keeps the insulin at a stable temperature of 28 °C for up to 12 hours!

VIVI Cap1     is a reusable climate cap for insulin pens that replaces the original cap of your pen. Simply click VIVI Cap1 on your Pen – done!

Availability For Use

The operational capability of the VIVI Cap1 is tested by the small, soft button on the closed end of the climate cap (1). A control light (2) shows the function after a short pressure:

Color Of The Indicator Light



    No Flashing    

VIVI Cap1 is ready to use

VIVI Cap1 has to be reactivated

The build in battery is empty


VIVI Cap1     reactivates itself automatically as soon as the ambient temperature drops below 26 °C. Then the material in the climate cap changes back from liquid to solid. For the reactivation VIVI Cap1 does not need airflow, batteries or separate cooling, only the lower temperature is sufficient. This will take up to 12 hours depending on the ambient temperature, or about 1 hour in the fridge (please do not put the climate cap in the freezer). VIVI Cap1 can remain on the insulin pen for reactivation - only if the climate cap is stored in the refrigerator the insulin pen should be removed, as the injection of cold insulin can be painful.

Temperature history of a insulin pen left in the car (53 °C indoor temperature)


Please do not immerse VIVI Cap1 in water or any other liquids and keep it only at a temperature Between -10 °C and + 60 °C

Defects Liability

TempraMed Europe provides defects liabilty for the maintenance-free function of VIVI Cap1 when used appropriate, for 2 years from the date of purchase. If the temperature indicator light does not work before the end of these 2 years, please contact your dealer, pharmacist or TempraMed Europe.


VIVI Cap1    is a class I medical device and as such is CE certified and approved by the FDA.

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