What is the VIVI Cap1?

VIVI Cap1 is a reusable climate cap for insulin pens that replaces the original pen cap. Its purpose is to keep the insulin cool at elevated ambient temperature over a period of several hours

How does the VIVI Cap1 work?

The operation of VIVI Cap1 is passive and is based on the combination of unique materials from space research that isolate heat and at the same time act as a heat absorber. A so-called Phase change material responds as soon as the ambient temperature rises to more than 29 °C. The material then slowly changes its aggregate state from solid to liquid. During this time, the climate cap keeps the insulin at a stable temperature of 28 °C, and this for up to 12 hours!

Do I have to store VIVI Cap1 in the Fridge?

VIVI Cap1 reactivates itself automatically as soon as the ambient temperature drops below 26°C. Then the material in the climate cap changes back from liquid to solid. To reactivate, VIVI Cap1 does not require airflow, batteries or separate cooling, the lower temperature alone is sufficient. This takes up to 12 hours depending on the ambient temperature, or about 1 hour in the fridge (please do not put the VIVI Cap1 in the freezer) VIVI Cap1 can remain on the insulin pen for reactivation - only if the climate cap is stored in the refrigerator the insulin pen should be removed, as the injection of cold insulin can be painful.

Can I carry the VIVI Cap1 in a bag?

Yes, VIVI Cap1 can also be stored in small pockets, e.g. in the diabetes kit, as it does not require air supply for the function.

Which approvals and certificates does VIVI Cap1 have?

VIVI Cap1 is a class I medical device and as such is CE certified and approved by the FDA.

How long can I use VIVI Cap1?

VIVI Cap1 is suitable for daily use. TempraMed Europe provides defects liability for the maintenance-free function of VIVI Cap1 when used appropriate for 2 years from the date of purchase.

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